Grand Orient de France was founded in 1773. About a century later they got issues with “regular” Grand Lodges when the GOdF dropped the requirement for the belief in something Divine. The GOdF lost its regularity, but not its popularity. What is less known, is that in 2010 the GOdF decided to allow lodges to initiate women. Since then quite a few lodges have voted for this possibility, but not a whole lot initiated any women. According to the GOdF 1.319 women were initiated in 2013. That is not a whole lot against 49.000 members, but on a positive side, there are no less than 1.200 lodges that possibly initiate women; worldwide that is. In Ireland there is one lodge that does initiate women. It is called Wolfe Tone.

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Ireland also has a “pioneer lodge” of Le Droit Humain named after the Irish woman that was initiated in the 18th century Elisabeth Saint Leger. I have not been able to find out where the lodge meets.

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