Further reading

When you want to read more about mixed or female Freemasonry online, you can of could start by clicking through to the websites of the organisations that I refer to. Some have good information about the subject. I will give a few highlights and a few more general places that could be of interest:

– on the web –

– in print –

Mixed gender Freemasonry

A nice book about women in Freemasonry before there were mixed lodges is Karen Kidd’s “Haunted Chambers: the lives of early women Freemasons“.
Kidd also wrote a book about “A History of The Honorable Order of American Co-Masonry“, the largest mixed gender order in the USA.

More Light, Today’s Freemasonry for Men and Women” by Darren Lorente-Bull and Julian Rees. A general introduction into Freemasonry, touching upon ‘modern’ Freemasonry and of course Le Droit Humain, especially in Britain.

Freemasonry in general

There are many, many books about Freemasonry, many of them as ancient as the Order itself. A more recent title is one of Angel Millar.

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